Wyatt Gouger

Wyatt Gouger: Running Student Senate

Since COVID-19 broke out into the world, many students have felt overwhelmed by the pandemic’s chaos. Wyatt Gouger, the Head of Student Senate, hopes to ease this stressful year. Despite this being his first year, Gouger is already immensely involved in the activities of Dana. 

Some of his day-to-day activities often include voting on certain matters, interacting with the new workshops that were implemented into our campus, such as the No Place for Hate, and overseeing and reviewing the various upcoming projects for our school. There is lots of extra effort that goes into running most of our school’s activities, but Gouger accepts the hard work and states, “I love Student Senate.”Wyatt Gouger

At the moment, the team is working towards our homecoming plans! Although, due to the Coronavirus and incoming government restrictions, there will need to be lots of voting on this matter. With the spike in COVID -19 cases rising once again, group school activities may be put to a stop once more. If this is the case, the Gouger and the team of Dolphin Students hope to be able to create an alternative plan for the cherished dance.

Gouger’s biggest goals running Student Senate this year are to impact all students throughout Dana. He wants to create a “more inclusive and welcoming campus, where the students feel like they have a bigger, more impactful voice in school activities.” Despite the obstacles that we may face with the pandemic, with Wyatt Gouger overseeing Student Senate, our school is surely headed towards an incredible year.

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