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Winter Pep Rally Wraps Up 2019

Friday, Dec. 6 featured a lively winter pep rally at Dana. Entitled “Jersey Jam,” students wore sports jerseys, while the hosts, seniors Audrey Lambros and Carson Lenthall, dressed as referees. Lenthall and Lambros sported Heelys, which they used to roll about the gym floor.

The rally opened with an invigorating electric guitar performance of the National Anthem by senior Grant Reskey. Crowds cheering in awe, this was the first time at Dana that the anthem was played on electric guitar.

Following the song, students came down to the floor to participate in the balloon relay. The seniors won, with Lia Gallina, James Fermelia, Leah Boskovich and others contributing to their earning clash points. After the game, SOCSA Dance Production danced to the song, “Seven Nation Army” as they repped Dana sports jerseys.

The hype continued with the reindeer toss, where Billy Bonham led the juniors to victory with Dr. Baker. Kill the dinosaur was the next game, including 25 people from each grade. The seniors won “with a whopping 23 pool noodles left!” Lambros announced.

Anticipation for Winter Formal was prolonged when the hosts announced that the theme will not be announce—students have to attend to find out.

With Dana’s first ever karaoke competition, students made history on campus. The freshmen sang “Don’t Stop Believin’,” followed by the sophomores’ “Livin’ On a Prayer.” “Dancing Queen” was danced to by the juniors, and the seniors sang the iconic “Sweet Caroline,” during which they waved their cell phone flashlights. The seniors and freshmen “playoffs” face-off featured “Walking on Sunshine” and “I Want It That Way.” Seniors linked arms as they made a fond memory.

Jersey Jam came to a close with another dance performance to “Buttercup.” The rally brought excitement for the holidays and for winter formal with its unique activities.

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