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Vampire Weekend: FOTB 2020

Six years since the release of their last album in 2013, alternative rock band Vampire Weekend released their long awaited album, Father of the Bride, on May 3rd 2019.

Since the album’s release, the band has been on tour in North America, visiting twenty-two states thus far. On October 2nd, Vampire Weekend made their first appearance at the Hollywood Bowl in six years.

Their long overdue return to LA was, in one word, extraordinary.

Playing a wide variety of songs from Father of the Bride as well as songs from their previous albums, Vampire Weekend was able to generate an incredibly unique atmosphere of enjoyment for the listeners.

They utilized a combination of both fast and slow paced songs to diversify the mood of the audience throughout the show. This coalescence had the audience singing with the band, swaying back and forth, and at most times simply rocking out.

Lead singer Ezra Koenig’s avid interaction with the audience only added to the fun. His dialogue in between songs made those watching more immersed in the show and music. He would repeatedly ask, “How’s everybody doing in the back?”, to which everyone in the back would cheer, and made it a point to say “LA was Vampire Weekend’s second home”. At one point he even took song requests from the audience.

Oftentimes in concerts, there is a noticeable disconnect between the audience and the performers. Vampire Weekend’s communication with the audience allowed for a truly memorable experience in which the performers and those listening felt in sync.

What was the most memorable was when the band played their slow and steady song “Ya Hey” directly after playing “Worship You,” which is perhaps their fastest and craziest song.

The audience and I were simply entranced by the quality of the sound, as the Hollywood Bowl’s acoustics are second to none.

The outstanding lighting effects helped to create this hypnotic performance as well.
All in all, what was in actuality about two and a half hours felt like fifteen minutes, and Vampire Weekend’s spectacular performance was something I, as well as the audience, will not soon forget.

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