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Trump Impeachment: Two Opinions



The American public may be the most divided that we have seen it since the start of the decade and maybe even the 21st century. Why is the American public in this state? The answer is the number of decisions that the current president, Donald Trump, has made during his term as U.S. president. While there is no such thing as a perfect leader, the belief among Americans that all the “mistakes” President Trump has made are reaching their limit is growing.

For a man whose entire election to office was littered with the talk of Russian interference in order to secure himself a victory, it really isn’t that surprising to see that he simply has not been able to outrun all the scandals that have risen since his time as President, whether the said “issues” were created by him or not. 

It surely doesn’t help the American public feel at ease having this man as our leader when after every scandal regarding his administration ends, a new scandal is instantly unearthed. The fact that there seems to be no end to agencies like the FBI finding more and more unsettling facts about President Trump’s administration leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many Americans and American leaders alike. 

One of these leaders who seems to have finally gotten her fair share of the Trump Administration’s problematic agenda is none other than one of the most powerful people in the American government, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Last month, Speaker Pelosi finally agreed to start impeachment inquiries following Trump’s latest mishap concerning Ukraine. In this instance, Trump had pressured the Ukranian president to “dig up dirt” on Joe Biden or else financial and military aid from the U.S. would be looking scarce. In response, President Trump chose to release the apparent transcript of the conversation between himself and Ukranian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in an attempt to demonstrate to the masses that whatever was discussed between himself and the Ukranian leader was not unconstitutional. However, the released transcripts solidified the whistleblower’s accusation of unconstitutional actions taking place while hindering Trump and Republican Party’s argument that no such acts had occurred. 

Currently, in the midst of this scandal, the Trump administration simply has no excuses as they are completely at fault for committing something as despicable as coercing a foreign leader in an attempt to secure Trump’s reelection. They were in the wrong and have arguably been in the wrong far too many times now for the American people and its leaders to simply look the other way once more, because no matter where we turn these days we are faced with our leaders’ poor decisions. 

This action by President Trump and his administration is simply the last straw, and while it is still a growing question of who should be taking the blame for all the mishaps that have occurred under the Trump presidency, it can be agreed that a punishment such as impeachment or something equally as harsh should be issued. The White House has no more places to be pointing fingers. The time for Trump and his administration to answer for their grievances against the nation has come. 

By Ethan Ramierz


The Trump impeachment “inquiry” is one of the most shameful political investigations. It’s sad the House of Representatives has weaponized itself to remove President Donald Trump. Democrats are so enraged by his place in the White House that they spend every minute finding ways to remove him. When the Russia collusion hoax failed to produce the results they expected, Democrats just moved on to an allegedly illegal Ukrainian “quid pro quo.” 

Bottom line is, Democrats don’t like who won the election and they want him removed. To their disappointment, the so-called evidence for impeachment isn’t there, no matter how much they wish it was.

Time and time again, the Democratic Party has shown their partisanship by investigating our President in search of a crime. It’s the complete opposite of due process, and Trump has been justly angered about it. Speaker Pelosi has repeatedly ignored precedents set by both House proceedings and judicial decisions in her pursuit of impeachment. She also has stormed out of meetings with the President and other government leaders so often that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said after her latest outburst that, yet again, “She storms out of another meeting, trying to make it unproductive.”

This same strategy was also used by Democrats in investigating the 2016 election and alleged Russian meddling on behalf of Trump. Accusations against the President led to Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigating the Trump administration for years, costing taxpayers millions of dollars in that time, while coming up with nothing. Lawmakers like Maxine Waters repeatedly said that the investigation would be the end of Trump, but there was no collusion found. None. Quoting directly from the report, “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” Attorney General William Barr released the entirety of the Mueller Report as well just to show administrative transparency. 

The latest attempt to get the President and remove him from office has to do with an alleged quid pro quo between him and the Ukrainian president, President Volodymyr Zelensky. The mainstream media and Democratic leaders want the public to believe the conversation entailed an illegal quid pro quo where President Trump asked the foreign government of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son for corruption in return for foreign aid. The Democrats’ star witnesses to date have been shown to have no direct interactions with the President for the most part. Those who have had direct interactions with Trump, like Ambassador Sondland, have repeatedly said that they didn’t see the President’s behavior as immoral nor illegal. 

Trump refuses to let Democratic hacks take him down and continues to fight against them until the truth comes out. To date, Adam Schiff has deliberately worked in secret and has crafted a narrative to tell one side of the story and not find the truth. This story continues to develop and we all should all watch as the facts are shared so we can form an educated opinion.

By Luke Sterner

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