The Role and Dismantling of the USPS

As COVID-19 cases increase across the country, many are choosing to vote by mail for the upcoming election. The number of Americans who plan to vote absentee has increased and with this occurring, it seems that there has been a slowing down of the mail. This makes sense since the President made the statement opposing emergency funding to support voting by mail. This statement worries many democrats since they believe that with the slowing down of the mail, many ballots from the democratic voters could possibly not make it in time to be counted. However, this would not just hurt the Democratic party, it would hurt both the Republicans as well  which makes it unclear which side it can hurt most. With all these concerns rising, some solutions have come up such as the option to send absentee ballots early and encourage their prompt return. States could also give people more time to fill out the ballots and  drop them off at official drop boxes for the election. 

Democrats have continued to fight to set the rules straight after the multiple changes that have been made to the post office. These include cutting overtime and limiting the hours. Multiple arguments between the two parties and DeJoy being appointed to serve as postmaster general have occurred. In all of the hearings, they discussed the situation that the post office is  in and how this election will feature more mail-in voting than any other year before. States are trying to expand voting, though they know that there will be problems that they will run into eventually. In a CNN poll, it was discovered that 53% of supporters of the Democratic nominee Joe Biden prefer to vote by mail while 66% of Trump’s supporters prefer to vote in person. With all the differences between the two parties, there are adjustments being made to make sure that the election ballots are sent and counted in order for a fair result to come out of the votes.

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