The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a science fiction romantic comedy released on Amazon Prime Video Feb. 12, 2021. The movie, directed by Ian Samuels with screenplay by Lev Grossman, stars Kathryn Newton playing Marageret and Kyle Allen as Mark. 

With influences from movies such as Groundhog Day and Time Bandits, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things includes teens Margeret and Mark stuck in a time loop. It is set in a small, quaint town where high school senior Mark is not necessarily upset about living the same twenty-four hours. His daily routine includes: waking up, and immediately butting heads with his father and little sister, then heading to school while stopping other little accidents on the way. Returning from school, he then plays video games with his best friend Henry, and immediately at midnight Mark falls asleep. He wakes up the next day to relive the same day. Mark tends to feel like he is the only person really alive in the world until his path crosses with Margaret. Mark is intrigued by her when she intrudes on his day with her formidable attitude. Upon realizing they are stuck in the same time loop, he ventures that perhaps they should be spending it together. 

The boy-meets-girl setup leads The Map of Tiny Little Things to disappoint. The writing of the story leaves the movie to be very predictable, with many pop culture references aimed at teens, and lessons regarding self improvement being the only way to leave behind trauma. The literal map of tiny perfect things that Margaret and Mark make forces them to reflect on the “what if’s” that might reset time. Though predictable, Newton and Allen have great on screen chemistry and the director gives the movie a nice, swift flow.

Throughout the movie, some of the science in the movie is unexplored, and so are the moral indications when being trapped with someone. It seems Mark’s own desires are given priority throughout the movie. Even though the film reveals how important Maragret is to the story, it is disappointing that viewers are not able to see from some of her perspective instead of only Mark’s. Overall, this is a good  movie to watch if you are a fan of Groundhog Day or enjoy a good balance between romance and science fiction.

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