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The GOP’s Idea of COVID-19 Relief is Completely Flawed

The coronavirus has been the fourth-largest mass death event in US history that has tore apart Americans emotionally and financially. Surprisingly, during this crisis the previous Trump Administration repeatedly influenced their supporters that the coronavirus was a hoax and politicized the wearing of masks. Science has shown masks work, they help reduce exposure of others and yourself from COVID-19 particles. There is no doubt that the GOP’s plan of defeating the pandemic through freedom, liberty, nationalism and defying public health orders did not work and caused more deaths. For example, Republican legislators acted like Democratic governors were taking over the world by restricting in-person activities but due to high risk of COVID-19 because of steady urbanization in Democratic

There is no doubt that the GOP’s plan of defeating the pandemic through freedom, liberty, nationalism and defying public health orders did not work and caused more deaths.


states and a higher population,(California, New York, Massachusetts, etc.)  the states were at higher risk of the pandemic. So their government kept Americans safe by closing down. Republicans try to use these restrictions to play politics and believe the Democrats are taking away certain rights, but the state government is giving the American people the right to feel safe by having a plan to slow the spread. Right now, America has the most cases and deaths in the world because of the right allowing the virus to explode throughout America and not side with scientists. 

It is not surprising at all that many Republicans may currently refuse to give Americans a 1.9 trillion dollar relief bill which Americans desperately need right now. If you broke the hospital system, broke Americans emotionally, and lied to Americans the least they could do is pay for it. Not surprisingly, Republicans, like Senator Rob Portman, try to make excuses about how a 900 billion dollar relief package was just passed in Congress, but barely any of that money hasn’t been used. Because of this, many Republicans believe that the 1.9 trillion dollar relief package is unnecessary, but the problem is that the 900 billion package was not enough at all. According to AP News, This bill included an absurdly low 600 dollars per person in stimulus checks and unemployment benefits were slashed in half from 600 dollars to 300 dollars. Why couldn’t the 1.4 billion dollars of Trump’s border wall funding in this package go to the growing number of Americans struggling to make ends meet? The Republicans, while in power, allowed the coronavirus to spread and people to die because of failed leadership.

 Republicans are acting as if this situation is not an emergency at all but if the fourth most mass-death event in American history isn’t an emergency, I don’t know what is. Now, over 5000 people have died of Covid-19 in a single day of Covid, but they still believe it is definitely not an emergency. The Republicans cannot deliver the most important job of any government which is to keep people safe by sponsoring denialism and pathological lying. At least Democrats have a plan to fight COVID-19 with a national mask mandate and a comprehensive vaccine plan. Liberal beliefs align more with the needs of the American people in regards to COVID-19 which is the main reason why Democrats won swing states in elections. While people are dying, in the hospital, losing jobs and suffering mental effects of Covid-19 era, hopefully people realize the GOP is not interested in helping the common man, they are only interested in playing politics.

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