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‘The Gentlemen’ Entertains Crime-Film Fans

Guy Ritchie’s latest film “The Gentlemen” was released in theaters on Jan. 24, 2020.
Starring esteemed actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Michelle Dockery, Colin Ferrell and Hugh Grant, along with some lesser knowns like Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding and Jeremy Strong, “The Gentlemen” exhibits the story of Mickey Pearson, the prosperous leader of a countrywide marijuana empire in England.

Deciding he wants to break away from his life of crime, Mickey must deal with the numerous repercussions of the power vacuum he created.

Straight off the bat, where this movie shines best is in its extremely clever use of dialogue and storytelling. Nearly every exchange between characters, especially between Rey and Fletcher, is rich with cunning dialogue and world building.

Typically, at the start of any given film, having one character spoon-feed the audience expositional story details is undoubtedly boring. In “The Gentlemen,” however, the gaps of the story are slowly filled throughout the film such that the viewer is always interested and rarely dissatisfied with any pacing issues.

As opposed to the overdramatic action and violence typically seen in crime-themed movies such as this, character interaction is everything in this film.

Many of the characters are intentionally written to accentuate certain ludicrous traits. Some might mistake this for poor acting and character writing. Admittedly, many scenes are pretty goofy, yet the film seems quite self aware, as if it knows it’s being ridiculous.
The filmmakers carefully considered how the audience would view certain scenes and used this to their advantage, the end result being a combination of totally nonsensical yet thoroughly enjoyable scenes for the audience. Matthew McConaughey does an excellent job in his portrayal of an aging drug kingpin, and Michelle Dockery’s performance of his strong-willed and intelligent wife perfectly sells the two actors’ chemistry on screen.

Truth be told, all the cast members did a fantastic job, but as stated, the most memorable performances were those of Rey (Charlie Hunnam) and Fletcher (Hugh Grant). The lighthearted yet tense tone created when these two appear together is an absolute joy to watch.

While the acting and character interaction is handled extremely well, the movie unfortunately lacks in the lesser focused upon, but equally important aspects in filmmaking, this being editing and music.

The cinematography is serviceable, but does nothing noticeably different or interesting.
As far as the music is concerned, it is not as though it is bad—it is simply guilty of being forgettable. In addition, plot holes must be overlooked to advance the plot of the movie.
In spite of all this, “The Gentlemen” manages to keep the audience’s attention from start to finish, proving itself to be nothing short of a solid work of entertainment.

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