2020 Election

The 2020 Election and its Impact Thus Far

For Democrats, Republicans, independents, and even those who remain apolitical, the 2020 election approaching on November 3rd holds great significance. Due to the unusual circumstances, there’s been a challenge with determining the best voting options  Sentence already clarifies

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many citizens have expressed concerns about voting in-person at  the polls, given the risk of infection. More than ever before, mail-in ballots are becoming a bigger reality for most Americans. Although there are methods to legitimize ballots, such as the requirement for signatures to match state documents and signing the outside of the envelope, there have been concerns about the validity of mail-in ballots. A fraudulent election with an increase of mail-in ballots has been a concern for many, especially President Trump. 

Because of the concerns about this election, some states have taken more extreme measures to legitimize ballots. For example, some states, including Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Indiana, and Mississippi, have required individuals to give a reason beyond COVID-19 for being unable to attend the polls. However, most states across the nation are permitting mail-in ballots. 

In California, mail-in ballots are automatically mailed to the homes of all registered voters in order to simplify the voting process during such unprecedented times. Early voting options are available, and all mail-in ballots must be dropped off at official ballot drop boxes. 

As of Oct. 11, 2020, there have already been 7.3 million voters.


As a nation, the turnout for this election has already been substantially higher at this point in time when compared to previous election years at similar times. As of Oct. 11, 2020, there have already been 7.3 million voters. The urgency and encouragement across the nation to register to vote and utilize one’s voice has been evident throughout this 2020 Election. Regardless of which candidate someone is supportive of, there is still a general advocacy to vote this year, perhaps more than we’ve seen before. 

Polls are typically an important indicator of which candidate is most likely to secure the Presidency. This year, in a recent poll conducted by BBC News, 52% of Americans are supportive of Vice President Biden, while 42% are supportive of President Trump. Although Vice President Biden is ahead in the polls, the 2016 election revealed to the American public that polls are not as reliant as we might think. The 2020 Election, impacted by a national pandemic, a surge in climate issues, and a reinvigorated Black Lives Matter movement, appears to be the most impactful for all kinds of Americans, regardless of political values.

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