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Taylor Swift’s New Album: Remembered All Too Well

Following the highly acclaimed re-release of Taylor Swift’s 2nd studio album Fearless(Taylor’s Version), the bar was set and the anticipation kicked in for everyone for the cryptic announcement of what the next re-released album will be. After months of waiting, Red(Taylor’s Version) is out starting Nov. 12 and the Taylor Mania has commenced. 

While Swift originally wrote this album in 2012, she has rerecorded her original songs plus “From the Vault” tracks that are songs never heard before all being released now as a way for Swift to own her music. As if the two hour and 30 song album is not enough, a music video and short film was also released for Red(Taylor’s Version). Altogether this album somehow beat out its original release and perfectly encaptured the fall season mixed with the heartbreak of the past and the unknown freedom that comes with youth.

Red(Taylor’s Version) is known for being a true breakup album hinting at Swift’s past relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. In fact Swift’s track 5 acclaimed fan favorite “All Too Well” is the ultimate breakup anthem chronicalizing their relationship. At fan request, this time around Swift released the original ten minute version of “All Too Well” with a short film featuring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, directed by Swift following soon after. This is a new branch for Swift showcasing her skills in a more cinematic light while also bringing forth and giving a true representation of the music as well as the powerful emotion behind it. Swift did an incredible job of not only stretching her music abilities but also finding a new way to reach people via film, better than most professionals.

Another highly anticipated moment in the release was “Better Man” which Swift wrote and then gave to Little Big Town  back in 2012. However, this time around Swift put this on her re-release and fans went insane over the comfort in the unfamiliarity that this addition brought to the body of work. This track also added a country accent to a “shifting to pop album”. It also added to the breakup narrative which furthered the theme tying all of  Red(Taylor’s Version) together while adding some flow and congruency to a flex in emotions of an album.

To put it plain and simple, this album was nothing short of a masterpiece. From everything to the radio pop songs we know and love like “22(Taylor’s Version)” to the raw ballads in the “From the Vault” tracks like “Nothing New”, which featured Phoebe Bridgers adding an extra tie to present artists and music, this album was beautifully narrated and freshly produced. Swift did a remarkable job of staying true to her past album and roots while also showing her immense growth and maturity in production, presentation, and of course vocal range.

The very thing that this album honed in on was what also sets Swift apart from the everyday artist, and that is her lyricism. Swift seamlessly blended the media world wind that comes with a new album as well as the over the top changes that must be made to better an album and top the previous while always showcasing the basis of her musicality. At her foundation, she is a songwriter. This is a refreshing part of Swift’s discography that makes her timeless, forever and always.

Upon the new found release, Swift appeared in her music video for “I Bet You Think About Me(Taylor’s Version)(From the Vault)” directed by Blake Lively as well as Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Swift is known for leaving easter eggs in music videos and interviews that hint at something like a new album or a secret meaning behind a song.  Fans are going crazy trying to find out who or what Swift might be hinting at and if a new album is next on the horizon. While nothing is confirmed yet, as a Swiftie it is known that something is always in the works and while the devil works hard Taylor Swift works harder.

Only time will tell what is next but one thing is for sure,  Red(Taylor’s Version) is one body of work that will only age for the better and will forever be a staple in pop/country music that cannot fade but rather inspire for other musicians and artists to come.

While Swift originally wrote this album in 2012, she has rerecorded her original songs plus “From the Vault” tracks that are songs never heard before all being released now as a way for Swift to own her music.

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