Talia Penzel

Talia Penzel

For many students in highschool, it can feel almost impossible to create real change in times of uncertainty and suffering. However, sophomore Talia Penzel does not let age stop her in contributing to causes worth fighting for. For her, this meant contributing to the Yemen crisis.

According to Mercy Corps, Yemen is facing severe famine and poverty due to political instability as well as an ecological crisis in the country. When Penzel “read about it in depth, it inspired her to want to do any part she could to help out.” This newfound interest sparked the beginning of her self-started business to raise funds for Yemen.

Penzel set out to make and sell jewelry in hopes of raising money that would go towards donation to Yemen. With this business, she was able to raise over $200. However, for Penzel, this is only the beginning. Penzel plans on starting a socially active youth club here at dana as well as co-founding a Jewish Club.

Penzel’s goal is to “use her platform with the club as well as her position in ASU to show people that outside of Orange County there is a lot of stuff going on (inside too). It’s a privilege we have to ignore it and go on with our lives, and a privilege that we abuse. Put yourself in other people’s shoes, then find out what you can do to help others.”

With such a powerful voice and clear vision for the future, there is no predicting just how far Talia Penzel can go in her quest to help as many people as possible. There is no doubt however, that the results of her tremendous efforts will reach far outside the walls of Dana.

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