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Surf Shreds Creek

The surf team currently holds a record of 0-1 in league.

The team went against San Clemente on Tuesday, Sept. 24 to start the season. Ultimately, the team fell to San Clemente by five points with a final score of 71-76.
Though the surfing conditions were nearly perfect, the surfers were unable to secure the victory due to the number of surfers out from injuries. Seniors Cole Foudy and Nate Caplinger, sophomore Patrick O’Connor and freshman Callan Emery took first in men’s shortboard. In women’s shortboard, sophomore Ryann Daly won the girls shortboard heat.

The surf team kicked off the preseason on Friday, Sept. 13 with a victory over Aliso Niguel. The team finished the competition with an overall score of 87-59. Out of the eight heats that day, Dana took first place in six and placed both second and first in five. The day of the competition, the waves came in consistent sets and were fairly predictable, allowing the team to compete in optimum surfing conditions, as said by sophomore Zach Muetzel: “The conditions were nice. Three feet clean lefts went all the way to the beach, making for some great contest conditions.”

Last year, the team graduated ten seniors, whose places have been filled primarily by freshmen and sophomores. Head coach Tim Sampson noted that “the most confidence-inspiring factor in [their] victory over Aliso Niguel was that the majority of our first- and second-place surfers were freshmen and sophomores, showing a lot of promise.”

In men’s shortboard, Emery and sophomores Micah Abadie and Max Muetzel took first, Foudy, senior Christian Clark and Salaverry and Zach Perry placed second, and sophomore Mitchell Tysler took third place.

Men’s longboard also yielded successful results, as Salaverry, Massey and Emery placed second, third, and fourth, respectively. Junior Seth Lyon competed in the bodyboard heat and won, and senior Chris Hampson took third.

The second heat featured women’s shortboard, in which Daly and sophomore Cascia Collings and junior Olivia Gottron competed. The respective places were first, second, and sixth, accumulating a total of twelve points for the team. In women’s long board, junior Eva Levy placed first and Gottron placed second.

After Dana’s win against Aliso Niguel, Daly commented, “They were a lot of rippable waves, and the girls were surfing very good. Despite Elle Emery and Cascia Collins being injured, we still have a lot of good surfers that can fill in their positions for future competitions.”

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