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SOCSA’s ‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown’

SOCSA’s rendition of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” debuted on Thursday, Dec. 12, and was performed through the 14. Based on characters created by Charles M. Shulz, the show strove to capture the charm and magic of The Peanuts. The end result was a fantastic performance in which each iconic character from this beloved old comic strip was portrayed superbly.

The play focuses primarily on Charlie Brown and his struggles in life. Played by Andrew Guthary, Charlie Brown deals with issues of depression and self doubt throughout the play. Eventually, this pushes him to try to find happiness in a world that seems to offer nothing but the contrary. Charlie Brown is a character many of us can relate to in life, and Guthary portrayed this character successfully through both comedic and emotional expression.

This is not to say that the musical focuses entirely on Charlie Brown. In fact, the show gave sufficient insight into each of the most well known characters of this franchise. Main characters besides Charlie Brown included Mackenzie Kruger as the narcissistic and oblivious Lucy van Pelt, Evan Gordon as the ever insightful and high minded Schroeder, Nicki Curry as the naive yet lovable Sally Brown, and Steven Mayo as everyone’s favorite blanket clutching, thumb-sucking child, Linus Van Pelt. Each one of these actors and actresses did an amazing job of illustrating their roles, as well as the dynamic between the characters on stage.

When asked what he wanted people to know most about this show, Andrew Guthary had this to say: “This show…it’s been really rough because of how broken up our timing has been…really we’ve only had the past two weeks consistently to put the show together, and in those past two weeks, so many people have put in so much effort in just trying to get this show ready that I believe it just needs to be seen and talked about how much everyone loves this show, and how much care and effort they put into it.”

For the audience, it was abundantly clear that these performers worked hard to make this production happen.

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