Stay at home order lifted

Should the stay at home order have been lifted in California?

These past few months have seen major improvement in the situation of COVID-19 in California. Vaccine rollouts have been announced and survival rates are trending up. Towards the end of January, Governor Gavin Newsom announced he would be lifting the stay at home order placed in December, effective immediately. This means restaurants can reopen outdoor dining, hair salons and personal care businesses can resume operation, retailers can let more customers in at a time, and residents can leave their homes for non-essential services. Schools are beginning to plan reopenings and sports are beginning to compete again. Many are wondering if this decision was correctly timed or if California should have waited for a more appropriate time.

I understand the concerns of Californian residents in these unprecedented times. Many are scared for their education, the health of their loved ones, their economic status, or even their own lives. While COVID-19 is not an issue that should be taken lightly, I believe Governor Newson made the correct choice. 

Governor Newsom’s main reasoning regards how much improvement has been seen in the COVID-19 front and how much more is expected. CBS quotes Newsom, saying projections into the month of February expect “a significant decline in case rate,” and a “decline in hospitalizations and ICU.” Additionally, California has seen a massive influx in vaccines that are currently being distributed and are expected to bring down cases. Another main concern during the lockdown was the effect it would have on the economy. Reopening California should help business owners continue making profits from their businesses and should avoid a major recession post-covid. 

On the flip side, Newsom has been attacked for rushing into this decision due to recent Recall Newsom campaigns. The Wall Street Journal reported that 1.2 million of the required 1.5 million signatures have been gathered in a petition to have a Recall Newsom option on the ballot. In response, Newsom called this rumor “complete, utter nonsense.”


I do believe Governor Newsom made the right choice in choosing to reopen California. Despite this, I also believe we should go into this new phase with an abundance of caution, as COVID-19 can easily be underestimated again.

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