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Should Movie Theaters be Allowed to Reopen?

Since COVID-19 struck the US in early March, movies and television have been a major source of entertainment and distraction for many individuals during quarantine. Streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus have thrived due to the closing of theaters and the limitation of recreational activities. These platforms as well as drive in movies have largely replaced the role of movie theaters. However, as the world ‘reopens’ many people still await the day they can attend indoor theaters. 

Along with schools many businesses and organizations have found a way to safely conduct their services during the ongoing pandemic by wearing masks, practicing social distancing and frequent sanitation. Despite the problems presented by the pandemic, businesses have found a way to reopen safely and effectively. Gyms, churches, barber shops, hair salons and many restaurants have opened again under these regulations. However, unlike most businesses, movie theaters still largely remain closed. 

This comes as a surprise because as other industries reopen they have shown that, with the necessary precautions in place, reopening can be safe and beneficial for consumers and owners alike. The reopening of businesses with COVID-19 guidelines in place has shown to be an effective solution. As long as coronavirus restrictions are enforced, movie theaters should be allowed to reopen.

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