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Accomplished scholar, friendly face and champion of the fine arts, Amy Liu will be attending Swarthmore College in the fall. There, Liu looks forward to “meeting new friends and exploring new fields of study.” Like many freshmen, Amy is “very excited about the transformation [she] will experience” during her collegiate and young adult years.

Amy has prioritized her studies throughout high school, but she has also been a dedicated member of the dance team. In fact, she cites Dance Team as “one of [her] favorite memories of Dana”—that and “watching the reworks after the senior half-time show.” She has valued “all the late-night practices” which “allowed [the team] to become a big family.” In addition to dance, Amy also enjoys playing the piano.

as far as advice to underclassmen goes, amy keeps it simple: “be genuine to yourself and follow your heart

As far as advice to underclassmen goes, Amy keeps it simple: “be genuine to yourself and follow your heart.” To Amy, “the amiableness of students and teachers who always want the best for their students” are what she most loves about Dana Hills. She accredits her “friends’ trust and [their] indestructible bonds” for getting her through high school, plus coffee. “Knowing that they have always got [her] back, [she] was able to take risks and explore things out of [her] comfort zone,” for which she is grateful. “Even during difficult times, their positive spirits and warm smiles always lift [her] up.” Of her friends and teachers, Amy would “specically like to thank Niloo Ebrahimi and Miss Jakovich for encouraging [her] to strive to be [her] better self.” Having so thoroughly relished her time at Dana, Amy “will miss [her] friends the most, for they have supported [her] in every way.”

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