“Remote” the Wallow’s New EP

On Oct. 23 the Wallows released their new EP, “Remote,” featuring electronic, pop-rock, and heartbreak songs. The Wallows are an alternative rock trio based in Los Angeles, California. They have developed a large fanbase over the years, releasing their first single “Pleaser” in April of 2017. The song has been streamed over 50 million times on Spotify alone. However, their most popular song, “Are You Bored Yet?”, has well over 200 million streams.

Their latest songs follow Wallow’s overall theme of romance and heartbreak while bringing something new to the table. This EP takes time to grow on you and the first time you listen to it you may think to yourself,  “what is this?”.  However, after listening to it a few times, the catchy lyrics and simple yet unique tunes will catch your ear. It would seem that the Wallows went more towards a funky, almost techno tone on these songs, using intense synths and distortion, while outlining their alternative rock roots. Furthermore, the transition from song to song seems to jump out of nowhere and contain bizarre riffs. Because this EP is so unique and is nothing like I’ve heard before, it can be hard to explain just exactly what is going on. 

If you are looking for some new, interesting music, you should consider listening to this EP. The songs are all great and as a whole is something worth taking the time to check out. On that note, I do believe that “Remote” could possibly be a little much for some people, myself included, but do not let this waver you from checking out alternative rock as a genre. The Wallows have produced some great songs and I would recommend them to anyone trying to find new music.

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