Norcal fires

Record Fires in Northern California

Earlier in 2020, Australia was ravaged by huge fires all around the country. Several animals died, and roughly 25.5 million acres were burned. Now, the same events are taking place in California. According to Patch, The California fires were started by thunderstorms and quickly worsened. 1.6 million acres have burned since the beginning of the year. 

Not only have the fires immensely affected the land, but also the people living there. According to The Guardian, “Two of the three largest wildfires ever recorded in California have scorched through more than 1m acres, displaced more than 100,000 people, and killed seven.” Those evacuated from their homes have had to weigh the risks of staying with friends and family or at evacuation centers, where they might be vulnerable to catching or spreading Covid-19. At evacuation centers, officials have set up tents for families so they can properly distance from one another and shelters are trying to get “as many air purifiers as [they]  can,” ALIFORNIA GOV GAVIN Newsom said. Authorities have also secured hotel rooms for 1,500 evacuees.” Meaning people are at increased risk of catching COVID-19 in addition to dealing with fires burning their homes down. 

Furthermore, several animals have died and the places they once knew as home are being burnt to the ground. According to The Mercury News, Buffy Martin-Trabox stated, “We’ve been encouraging people that live in San Mateo County, be prepared for wildlife that are fleeing the fire to come onto your yards…Their homes are on fire, they’re going to need clean water, a place to rest, possibly some food.” As fires continue to destroy the environment at an increased rate, officials are working fast to find an effective solution.

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