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As we all know, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the resulting self-quarantine has effectively brought society to a standstill, with many of the world’s businesses halted during this trying time. While schools have been the most visibly affected, movie theaters have also been forced to shut down due to groups of moviegoers attending theaters posing a serious risk. And thus, with the temporary cessation of the movie theater business, many of the hotly anticipated films scheduled for release from now until the summer season have been pushed back accordingly. 

James Bond, No Time to Die
Daniel Craig in “No Time to Die”

Perhaps two of the most highly anticipated films delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak are the newest installment in the James Bond film series, “No Time to Die,” and the newest Disney live-action remake, “Mulan.” 

“No Time to Die” is the 25th film in the Bond franchise and the last to star longtime James Bond star Daniel Craig, who has been portraying the iconic British spy since “Casino Royale.” In 007’s latest outing, Bond is roused from his retirement and has to stop disfigured villain Safin, portrayed by Academy Award winner Rami Malek, from wreaking unparalleled destruction on the world. The film, which was originally scheduled for release in April of this year, has been pushed back to Nov. 25 instead.

On a completely different note, “Mulan,” which follows popular Disney live-action remakes “Cinderella” and “Beauty and the Beast,” differs from these films and its original film by having a complete lack of musical numbers and leaving out several characters from the original film, such as the sassy dragon, Mushu, and Mulan’s love interest, Captain Shang. With this film, Disney is aiming for a more realistic and serious remake of the original Chinese legend, which may alienate some fans looking for a fun remake of a childhood favorite, but looks promising nonetheless. While originally planned for release on Mar. 27, “Mulan” is now anticipated for release on July 25 of this year.

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