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Online Communication Distorts Physical Relationships

Starting last March, Dana Hills High School switched to online school full time which has continued through this week as some students attended school in person through the hybrid program. For some, online school has hurt their ability to excel in school and has made it harder to connect with the teachers and fellow students. It also made it difficult to understand the classwork and material that is being taught through platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. Although online learning is a good method for some, it is not beneficial for everyone.

When we are not learning in person, it is harder for teachers to regulate whether students are engaged and paying attention rather than on their phones during class time. Without the structure of a regular in-person class, students are significantly more likely to miss what the teacher is saying, meaning they will have a more difficult time in the class. 

Students may also feel embarrassed or awkward participating in online discussions because it can feel as if you are simply talking to a screen rather than real people. Furthermore for teachers, it becomes challenging to facilitate the course because it is harder to tell if the students understand the material due to less student feedback.

In the end, online and virtual communications cannot replace the real in-person teaching achieves. Since it is not always possible to do things in person since the COVID-19 pandemic, we must simply make the best of every situation even if it’s not always ideal.

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