Olivia Salazar

Olivia Salazar: Sophomore Class President

Due to COVID-19, it is fair to say that optimism has become something difficult to retain for many. Hopes have been shattered and inspiration has become ever more difficult to find. However, this is not the case for two-year ASU member Olivia Salazar. In her very first year at Dana, Salazar acquired the position of freshman class vice president. 

Not only is she involved in ASU, but is also a member of DHHS Against Racism and Dana’s Cultural Proficiency Task Force. DHHS Against Racism is a student-run organization which combats racism at Dana and amplifies BIPOC voices. The DHHS Cultural Proficiency Task Force is a relatively new club that was implemented in order to reconstruct and rebuild areas that the school is lacking in regards to discrimination, racism and education.

“I always had an interest in leadership, so ASU just seemed like the perfect elective for me!”


When asked about what drew her into ASU, Salazar answered, “All the amazing things I had heard about it from my friends and family. I was talking to former ASU members and they totally sold me on the idea of ASU and how no other high school experience could compare. I always had an interest in leadership, so ASU just seemed like the perfect elective for me!”

In addition to this, when asked why she has stayed in ASU, she explains, “the community and passion for change. We have our challenges and struggles but at the end of the day we are truly one big family and I can always turn to someone. I also love that we have easy access to be able to change and mold our school for the better! But mainly what has made me stay is that my teachers and peers really believe in me and my ideas and are beyond supportive!”

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