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New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Falls from Grace

On Nov. 15, the remake of Charlie’s Angels was released, immediately receiving bad reviews and for good reason. The original Charlie’s Angels movie featured Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, which already is a tough group to beat. Actresses Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott are no match for them.

The next issue with the movie is the lack of regard for the original storylines featured in not only the original movie but the original TV show as well. In the movie, there is a character always referred to as Bosley, their job being to guide the Angels and help them with anything that they need; they normally act as a manager of sorts, relaying messages from Charlie, the head of the private investigation company that they all work for.

The only contact the Angels have with their employer, Charlie, is through a speaker phone, and the identity of Charlie never revealed to the audience or the Angels.
Both Bosley and Charlie have always been male characters. However, in this new version, they are female. This is fine, apart from the characters from the orignal storyline.

In addition to the major changing of the characters is that Bosley betrays the Angels. While in the past some Angels have turned bad, there has never been a Bosley that has gone bad, which is another fundamental part of the storyline that this new version has broken.

Another issue is that the original movie displayed how they balanced working for Charlie and making sure that nobody knows that they are special private investigators, including their significant others.

Despite these issues, they did include some original elements with certain action scenes and with their wardrobe. This does balance out the fact that they completely butchered the original storyline.

Overall, Charlie’s Angels was outshined by its predecessors, making it hard for any future remakes to compete.

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