Mrs. Swenson

Mrs. Swenson: Teacher, Mother and Rising TikTok star

From being a former dolphin herself, tutoring Dana students through AVID and now teaching math, Mrs. Swenson has undoubtedly been a major part of our school. After graduating from Dana in 2000, Mrs. Swenson attended Cal State Fullerton where she obtained her undergraduate degree in math. While she was still a college student, Mrs. Swenson began to tutor students through the Avid program here at Dana Hills High School. When asked about her experience she explained  that “the students were so sweet” and that she really enjoyed being able to help them understand math. Tutoring AVID inspired Mrs. Swenson to pursue the profession of teaching. A few years later Mrs. Swenson transferred to Cal State Long Beach and finished her college journey by earning her master’s degree in math. She then became a math teacher here at Dana, and has been passionately teaching for 16 years. 

Many of the teachers here at Dana have worked hard to continue to provide their students with a quality education during the Covid-19 pandemic and Mrs. Swenson is no exception. When asked how she has adapted her teaching during the pandemic she says, “I’ve really been leaning on student feedback as I try to make things as easy as possible for my students during these crazy times.” By incorporating her student’s preferences into her curriculum, Mrs. Swenson has been able better meet the needs of her students and to adapt to online learning.

Along with being an amazing math teacher, Mrs. Swenson is also the mother to three boys: Truman, Hendrik and Escher. When Mrs. Swenson’s best friend became pregnant with her first baby, she created a survival guide for her filled with all the knowledge and tips she learned as a mom. After seeing how her tips really helped her friend Mrs. Swenson was inspired to write and illustrate a book so that she could support other new moms. Mrs. Swenson describes her book as, “An illustrated chapter book that is designed to love support and encourage new moms.” Her book is called, “You Got This Mama” and it will be out Mar. 2nd. Mrs. Swenson has also recently developed some fame on Tik Tok where she has spread the news about her new book and other tips for new moms. Her most viral video includes her changing her baby’s diaper which has received over 472, 000 views. It is evident that Mrs. Swenson is a major multitasker and lover of math, learning and her students. 

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