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Morgan Jersey: Girls Volleyball

As the world continues to push through the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic, simple activities that have become  dearly missed  are still either postponed or cancelled altogether. From dances to theater productions, everything we may have taken for granted have slowly returned as we continue to  hope that one day things will become normal again. The athletes here at Dana are facing hardships, just like a majority of us. The regular fall sports season has flown into the past, and we now approach the winter season. However, many teams have not even begun practice, and are still waiting for permission to begin their seasons. 

The regular girls volleyball season schedule has passed, and the team has had to resort to postponing their season and practices. In a regular year, the girls start the season by attending camps in early August where the Dana coaches can begin to see the players they will be working with. These camps also give the players the ability to play with the returning members and begin to get back into shape. Once the camps conclude, the teams go straight to tryouts, consisting of two days dedicated to showing your full potential to the coaches in hopes of making one of the teams. Practices follow  tryouts, and the team propels forward into the season. In the midst of the three month season, the teams practice everyday and attend home and away games 1-2 times a week. 

Senior Morgan Jersey has been playing on the Dana girls volleyball team since her freshman year, starting on Frosh and making her way up to Varsity her junior and senior years. She has been playing volleyball competitively for six years for clubs not-affiliated with Dana such as 949, Laguna Beach, and Mamba in addition to playing as a Dolphin. Over the years, she has played multiple positions before finding her niche as middle blocker. 

In order to accommodate the regulations concerning the infamous Coronavirus, the girls volleyball teams, along with many other Dana sports teams, have had to make the best of the situation. Because the season has been postponed and is scheduled to begin in December, the gym and equipment have been closed to athletes. Morgan and her team have been conditioning, while social distancing, twice a week for one hour to keep in shape. The teams perform bleachers and sprints, and run the track to keep their stamina up to par. 

Although Morgan would much rather be i

“[Conditioning is a] way to keep us moving when we can’t be practicing. We have been working out and getting stronger for the season.”


n the gym practicing, she believes that there are some benefits to these hardships. She explains that, “[Conditioning is a] way to keep us moving when we can’t be practicing. We have been working out and getting stronger for the season.” In addition, she explains that conditioning has helped to kickstart team bonding, which is a vital component to the teams success during the season. 

When asked if she is hopeful that the upcoming season is going to go well, Morgan explained that “[She] is very hopeful and excited to play on court with the high school team her senior year.” Despite the reality that everything is up in the air concerning how games and the season is going to play out, Morgan makes it clear that she is thankful that she and the team are given the opportunity to play and begin preparing for the season to come.

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