World Series 2020

MLB World Series: Los Angeles Champions Again

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, the Los Angeles Dodgers won 3-1 against the Tampa Bay Rays in game 6 of the World Series.  After 32 years, Dem Bums once again secured a national championship.

Game 1 of the series set the Dodgers off strong, dominating the Rays on Tuesday night. They took a commanding lead in the fourth, led by Cody Bellinger’s two run homer, and kept it up until the end, finishing the game in an 8-3 blowout.

Game 2, however, did not go as well for the Dodgers. Their bullpen was a disaster, using four pitchers by the fifth inning. By that time the Rays already had a 5 run lead, and it was clear where the game was heading. Despite the Dodger’s strong attempt to comeback, the game ended with the Rays on top, winning 6-4.

Game 3 started off as normal, with the Rays pitcher Charlie Morton getting a clutch strikeout against superstar Mookie Betts for the second out of the third inning. However, the Rays seemed to be too relaxed, and the momentum quickly changed when they were caught off guard, allowing the Dodgers to get 3 hits and a walk in less than twelve pitches. The Dodgers kept this momentum all the way till the end of the game, winning 6-2.

Game 4  could be argued as one of the wildest World Series game endings in history. Heading into the bottom of the 9th, the Dodgers were leading 7-6, faced against the top of the Ray’s lineup. Down by one, two on base, and two outs, Brett Phillips was up to bat. With a 1-2 count, the left-hander hit a floater over the second baseman, landing short in right field. But when the right fielder fumbled the ball and a run scored, the Rays began to have hope. After quickly retrieving the ball, it is relayed to the catcher, who again lost control and let the ball slip behind him! Arozarena scored the winning run, finishing the game 8-7, and tying the series once again.

After winning game 5 on Sunday, the LA Dodgers had a chance to win the series. Game 6 was hectic with Justin Turner, a top player for the Dodgers, being forced to leave due to a positive COVID-19 test. But despite the circumstances, the MVP Corey Seager and the Los Angeles Dodgers clutched up in game 6, and finally the trophy returned to La-La-Land.

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