Getting to Know Our Proctor: Arthur “Micky” Rollinight

As a proctor at Dana Hills High School since 2014, Arthur Rollinight, more popularly known as Micky, finds great accomplishment with the influence he has had upon students. His compassion shines through, as he explains his viewing of the students here as if they were “his own kids.”

In his childhood, Rollinight was inspired by motivational speakers at the YMCA and at the Boys and Girls Club.  As a result, he has tried to  have a similarly positive influence on the students at Dana.

Rollinight’s work as a proctor began in 1999. As a stationed marine in Sicily, part of the requirement of this role was to act as a proctor at an American school to provide extra security. They were required to spend one of their two days off providing security to these American schools as well as guidance to some students on campus. From Italy, he came back to America and served as a proctor at a military school in Illinois. Following his retirement from the Marine Core, he continued this passion of working with teens as a proctor. At Dana, he often gives speeches to students and provides career advice. 

Prior to his work at Dana, he worked at Don Juan Avila Middle School because both his son and daughter were going to be attending.  He applied with the intention of volunteering, however, his elaborate experience and empathy led him to be hired.  He was so beloved at this campus that the PTA and principal actually requested that he remain at the middle school, while he was considering transferring.  This resulted in another two years at Don Juan Avila. However, he finds “enjoyment out of talking to students, especially high school students.” This drive to assist high schoolers with navigating the difficulties of the progression from high school to college landed him as proctor at Dana.

With the end of high school for many approaching, and many confused as to what their future holds, he doesn’t want seniors to be discouraged due to low grades or financial status because “there’s a lot out there for them.” He wishes to always have students think positively and act based on where their heart guides them.

In his personal life, Rollinight’s daughter transferred after two years at Saddleback College to Pepperdine to become a veterinarian, while his son attended the United States Naval Academy.

Rollinight’s main goal with his work is to “give back and help high school students.” His influence is shown through many students confiding in him about their future plans, or sport teams giving him team jackets to show their appreciation for his motivation. Rollinight explains that “students here listen and you get a comradery.”  His work extends past only providing security to the school, by giving back to the students and in turn, the community.

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