Student (ASU President) stands in front of tree

Meet Your ASU President, Danny Cullen

Danny Cullen, one of the most vibrant, motivated and friendly faces to ever walk the Dana halls, has geared his 2019-2020 ASU presidency towards fostering a sense of inclusion and enjoyment for all.

With a highly involved ASU background, as part of the activities committee as a freshman and sophomore and commissioner of activities last year as a junior, Danny is expertly equipped with leadership and organizational skills for the job at hand this year as a senior.

Student (ASU President) stands in front of a tree

Among many other goals, Danny intends to “focus on planning events with a particular intention behind them.” By doing so, he explains that “we’re putting on events for our ‘why’ which is how we structure things to make sure they’re as impactful as possible.” With the homecoming dance and halftime show rapidly approaching, Danny applies this mindset to these upcoming events. Danny and his ASU cabinet “are extremely excited for this year’s upcoming homecoming show because it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before” because they “tried to think outside the box and change the status quo.”

Along with his homecoming plans, Danny has conceptions for later on down the road with ideas to “boost the productivity of intramural sports, clash of the classes activities and events that recognize outstanding students and faculty.”

Danny is especially excited about his ASU cabinet this year, which is notably exceptional. This group “has demonstrated an understanding of and passion for our values, and ingenuity to solve problems and bring new things to the table.” However, what makes them “truly great” in Danny’s words “is their willingness to support their fellow teammates and have each other’s backs.” Accompanied by one of the “strongest group of leaders” he’s ever seen over his four years of ASU, Danny is sure to accomplish the goals he has set for himself, the student body and the school in its entirety.

While Danny and his accompanying ASU cabinet have upheld some of the same traditions and policies as previous years, he believes that they’re really “bringing a different level of commitment and holding people accountable for their actions” this year.

Such is in line with the Dana way of holding students to their actions which in turn produces mature, responsible individuals who can both better our campus and impact the world.

As a note to the student body, Danny assumes the ASU presidency proudly and aims to “serve our student body to the best of [his] ability and help Dana be a loving, fun and dynamic place to spend the best years of our lives!”

Danny has bright aspirations for the 2019-2020 school year, and given the information he has shared with THE PAPER, Dana Hills should be anticipating “a really great year.”

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