Lily Freeman

Lily Freeman: From passion to products

The ongoing pandemic has led many Dana students to become more creative in how they spend their time. For junior Lily Freeman, it was an opportunity to channel her passion for art into a business. Art has always been a big part of her life, but quarantine gave her the opportunity to practice and develop her art skills. Freeman characterizes art as a way to customize her clothes and make them into things she would wear more often.

 She began making her own hoodies as an alternative to buying them. Freeman explains: “I made just a few hoodies and once my friends saw them they really pushed me to start a business.” With this encouragement, she started selling hand painted hoodies via Instagram on @straightchillinhoodies. Starting a business during the pandemic may seem challenging, but social media has made it much simpler to maintain a business. By using Instagram to sell the hoodies, she has been able to keep her shop virtual. She also sells stickers through the popular website Redbubble, which allows artists to sell their original designs. 

Freeman’s creative designs reflect her inspiration. Her inspiration is her past artwork and occasional reference photos. She elaborates that “Once I have a general idea of what I want on a hoodie, from there I just free hand a lot of my designs.” In regards to other forms of art, she does paint on larger canvases, but mainly prefers to work with customising clothing. Her business has become popular amongst Dana students, with hoodies selling out quickly after being posted.

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