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Liam Boersma: Leading Pass Rusher in the State

Number one in the nation for most sacks for 8 weeks and number one in California currently, defensive end Liam Boersma helped lead the football team into Dana’s record breaking 6-0 winning streak. In addition to his other accomplishments, Boersma is currently the record holder for most sacks in Dana history which was previously set in 2009 by Zack Alario and was set within 12 games, compared to Boersma who was able to do it with six. He also broke the record for most tackles for loss.

In the country, he is number five for most tackles for loss. Boersma credits the change in leadership as the major change that lead to their success this season. When asked about the feeling of being nationally ranked, Boersma stated, “You just got to stay humble, it’s a little bit of stress but you want to keep it up.”

Boersma started playing football in third grade and got into football because one of his friends had been playing football. Football has been his sole focus since the eighth grade, calling it “a hobby [that he] put everything into.” However, in past years, Boersma has played soccer during the spring season for the sole purpose of staying conditioned for football.

A dedicated player, Boersma spent approximately 14 hours watching back football footage to prepare for a game, practiced 12 hours a week with the team and worked with personal trainers once a week who have played in the NFL to work on his technique.

Boersma became serious about football junior year when he “thought [he] could play at the next level” at which point “it turned into a job [for him].” When speaking on what he loves about the game, he said “[he loves] the violence of the game cause [he] can’t do it anywhere else,” adding “[he] was an aggressive kid” and “the whole feel of hitting someone as hard as [he] could brought joy to a young me and even now.”

Currently, Boersma is no longer practicing but is now working out in order to “try and gain weight and muscle to show off to college and be around the mass I need to be to play at the next level.” Boersma is now hoping to get picked up by a division one school soon.

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