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Jenner Jams at The House of Blues

Junior Austin Jenner is known mainly for his kindness and positivity, but he has also made a name for himself as a talented artist. Jenner most recently performed at a concert at Los Rios Rock School (LRRS), where he and his peers sang a set of Christmas songs as well as original songs.

He has been going to LRRS for five years, and he continues to go “at least four hours a week depending on how many rehearsals and lessons [he] has in a week.” There, he sings primarily in the advanced live program, but he sometimes participates in other events.

Jenner remarks that “sometimes it is hard to balance school and music but [he tries] to make sure [his] grades stay at the point [he wants] them to be at while also taking time to practice and enjoy music.”

Despite Jenner’s heavy workload, he stays motivated, as the rock school “provides many opportunities and [he gets] to meet incredibly talented and friendly people.” He explained that “the school provides opportunities to improve [his] skills at any instrument [he] desires to learn.”

From there, once he reaches a certain level of skill, he is put into a live program based on those skills. This “gives [him] the opportunity to play at many great places, such as the House of Blues and the Coach House.” Thus far, Jenner has performed at the Coach House, House of Blues, Yost, Pappy and Harriet’s in Joshua Tree and at the Laguna Beach Radio Station, KX 93.5.

Among his favorite aspects of performing with LRRS are “the rehearsals for [his shows] because not only does [he] get to work on [his] parts, but [he] also [has] time to meet all the people in [his] group and it has allowed [him] to meet some of [his] best friends.”

Jenner notes that though it may be hard at times, he stays motivated because of the unlimited support from his family and friends. His “family goes to every one of [his] shows and [his] friends go to many of them.”

Hoping to perform at another venue soon, Jenner is grateful for the experience he has gained from performing on the big stage with LRRS. Jenner aims to pursue a profession in music as a writer, producer and performer.

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