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Is the Death Penalty Just?

In the United States, the death penalty is legal in 30 states. The other 20 states, including Washington D.C., have abolished capital punishment. To receive the death penalty, one has to commit a capital crime. Some capital crimes would be murder, war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. Because this punishment is so severe and takes someone’s life, there is a lot of controversy around it.

Some would say that the death penalty is immoral and goes against the Constitution. In the United States, every person has the right to life. Some would argue that the death penalty goes against our human rights. It is true that taking away someone’s rights, stated in the Constitution, is against the law and immoral. It is also against the law and immoral to kill or rape someone.

Even though the death penalty is severe and harsh, it is a fair punishment for some. When someone commits a terrible crime such as murder, there is only one way this should be dealt with. The only guarantee that this person who committed a terrible crime will not do it again is sentencing them to death. The death penalty creates a safety net for those who are scared of another crime being committed by the person who committed the crime.

Many people who claim to be pro-choice when it comes to capital punishment do not want to take the life of someone who has committed an extreme atrocity. At the same time, these same people say it is okay to end the life of a child in the womb if the mother thinks it is necessary. How does that make any logical sense to anyone?

Democratic presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, has advocated for the end of capital punishment while at the same time advocated for unrestricted and unlimited abortion. Reason does not follow this policy. I wish someone could explain to me how it makes sense to take an innocent child’s life that has committed no harm to anyone over a life of someone who has committed a crime that has changed lives forever in a negative way.

The death penalty has many financial benefits. According to the Vera Institute of Justice, on average it costs 31,000 dollars per inmate, per year, nationwide. In some states, it can get up to 60,000. The death penalty could save people a lot money if tax payers were not paying for a murderer to sit on his or her butt in prison.

Prisoners who have killed someone have nothing to lose. They are in jail for life and have nothing but time on their hands. If they kill another person, why would they not do it again in prison?

Institutes without the death penalty, have criminals sitting in their jails adding up more life sentences. These criminals are now just wasting money that could be spent on something else. People who commit a capital crime have different mindsets than the rest of us. They are not healthy mentally, and they are too much of a risk to others if they are alive. Though some may not see it, the death penalty has many benefits.

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