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Is the College Admissions Process Fair?

As time goes on, college admissions seem to get more challenging and ambiguous. Many high school students work hard just to make their dreams come true, hoping that they will get accepted into the college of their dreams. Once it gets to the time where the students have to apply for the colleges that they are interested in, they become familiar with the process of college admissions. Each individual has a different definition of “fair” and in my perspective the college admissions are anything but fair. According to “CNBC”, the infants who are wealthy have a better opportunity of getting into a university than the youths that do not have access to that much wealth. This already causes a discrimmination upon students. The admission does not look for all the right attributes that they should look at. They tend to see which individual will be the fit for their needs and from there, they will look at the academics and goals that that certain students have achieved throughout his/her years of high school. college

I do believe that many students do deserve the spots that they receive in universities, however there are people who get into a university for the wrong reasons. Even though not much can be done to change the way the admissions process the applications, I do hope for this process to not get worse and more harsh than it already has become. 


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