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Irrationality of R-rated Movies

Imagine the embarrassment of a parent having to buy a ticket for you and your friend or the secrecy of trying to avoid the gaze of the ticket-checkers as you sneak into a movie that you definitely did not buy the ticket for. Most of us have experienced it.

Trying to get into R-rated movies as under-17-year-olds has always been a struggle; the ratings set by the MPAA have been stringent for decades. Through these ratings, the MPAA has effectively decided what films minors can and cannot watch. This mandatory system, due to its taking away rights from parents, should be abolished.

The main argument for restricting R-rated films from proponents of the rating system is that it prevents vulnerable children from watching more violent films that are better suited to adults. While I believe that many modern films are too dark for children and younger teens, I see no reason why older teens should not be able to partake in watching these films, if they decide they’re ready enough. Ultimately, that’s what this all boils down to: self-decision. Allowing teens to decide which films they want to see gives them more independence and allows them to get a taste of being able to make their own choices. Ultimately, the choice of which films to watch should reside in the hands of the viewers, not the MPAA.

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