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Hubie Halloween Satisfies

The comedy filled horror film “Hubie Halloween” was released on Netflix on Wednesday, Oct. 7th. It stars well known actor and comedian Adam Sandler, Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp, and many other significant people in Hollywood. 

Sandler plays Salem, Massachussett’s Hubie Dubois, a slaphappy character who is bullied by fellow members of his town. Through pranks, jokes and nicknames, his town sure does get the message across that they think he is ridiculous. 

Hubie, however, continues to make it his duty to protect Salem residents from the terrors of Halloween night. Also, ever since highschool, Hubie has had his eyes on the popular, smart, pretty girl, Violet Valentine, whom he aims to win over. 

Because the cast is full of widely-known actors and actresses, many had high expectations for this movie. However, as David Ehrlich said, the movie “feels like it was written in the span of a single afternoon by two middle-aged men wearing gym shorts,” which perfectly describes the tone of the movie, as it is fairly goofy. It serves as an enjoyable distraction from reality right now. While the beginning of the movie truly is just a comedy film, the plot does thicken eventually. The audience sees Hubie work hard to solve mysteries on Halloween night, and that does increase the tension quite a bit. 

Even though this film is definitely not what I expected it to be, it still brought some laughs and a source of entertainment for the night. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a film with comedy, a cast full of people you know and love, and a little bit of mystery in there too. 

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