Dr. Fauci and Trump

How Effectively Has the US Been Handling the Coronavirus?

The infamous Coronavirus has infiltrated the lives of many and has been the leading topic of conversation throughout the world. However, COVID-19 has led to debate over whether it truly is a pandemic. As Democrats and Republicans argue the matter, it is difficult to determine the truth due to pre-biased opinions. In the midst of the confusion, the United States underestimated the virus unlike the countries who clamped down and are seeing numbers drop.


According to John Hopkins School of Medicine, Australia has approximately 2.63 deaths per 100,000 people, New Zealand has approximately .45 per 100,000, Vietnam has approximately .04 per 100,000, Taiwan has approximately .03 per 100,000 and Germany has approximately 11.22 per 100,000. However, there are approximately 56.12 deaths per 100,000 people in the United States. 


The U.S. has one of the highest deaths/population ratios and highest number of recorded COVID-19 cases; out of all countries we have surpassed 180,000 which is more than the next three countries combined according to Vox Media. 


Other countries such as New Zealand and Taiwan have been viewed as “COVID Success Stories” with only 1,752 confirmed COVID-19 cases in New Zealand and 488 in Taiwan. Now what is the secret behind these successes? 


New Zealand, for example, entered a full quarantine in mid-March and shut down all travel to the country in the beginning of the pandemic.


 “Our prime minister made the decision that she did not want what was happening in Italy to happen in New Zealand,” says Siouxsie Wiles, associate professor of microbiology in New Zealand. 


Because of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s swift and decisive leadership, New Zealand was able to not only get a handle on the pandemic, but stay united unlike the United States.


Trump’s inability to side with scientists and medical officials has led to the loss of lives for many and divide amongst whether citizens should wear masks.


While the U.S. suffers during these times, I do not think that COVID-19 has been our downfall, but rather a lack of leadership from President Donald Trump and his staff. Trump’s inability to side with scientists and medical officials has led to the loss of lives for many and divide amongst whether citizens should wear masks.


Like New Zealand, the U.S. needs leaders that will listen to modern science, learn from other countries’ successes and, most importantly, a leader who unites in the face of confusion rather than divides. 


An uncertain government leads to an uncertain country and ultimately uncertain times.


America needs to return to its roots of furthering scientific study, moving forward and uniting in the face of hard times rather than spewing hate. We need to get back to the America that was constantly trying to improve, grow, and be the best rather than automatically thinking that we just are. 


We are a country that strives to be number one, and we have succeeded. We are number one in: incarceration rates, obesity, pornography use, divorce rates, drug use, reported rapes and murders and the highest in student loans; plus, COVID-19 cases.


America might not be the best country, but we can be. The change must come from within the White House by having someone who is a step in the right direction to create a version of America that stands by science, unity and love in the face of the unknown.


COVID-19 did not ruin America, but rather revealed the issues boiling under the surface for far too long. 


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