Honest Thief

Honest Thief: Far Too Familiar

Honest Thief follows the story of a notorious bank-robber, known as Tom Carter, who stole millions of dollars, and his attempt to return to a normal life. He involves himself with crooked FBI agents who betray him. They frame him, steal all his money, and even attempt to kill him all.  With nobody that trusts him, Tom is all on his own.  While fighting for his life, he also worries about keeping his relationship alive, which is the reason for his desire to live an ordinary life in the first place. Despite his attempts to turn himself in, he winds up being set up for murder and puts the love of his life in grave danger. 

Anyone who has watched a thriller starring Liam Neeson will know exactly what to expect from this movie. Although the crook versus cops spectacle is always entertaining, the action in this film is quite repetitive. The cinematics were weak, making the very familiar good guys against bad guys plot tiresome. Mark William’s framework of the film was exciting, and sounded very intriguing. Sadly the intense moments, which the film had very few of, were poorly executed, creating an emotionless viewing experience 

Liam Neeson executed his role of a criminal mastermind brilliantly, but because there were so many empty gaps in the plot you did not feel completely immersed into the story, like all great movies should. Despite being a ‘thriller’, the film had little suspense and very few tense moments. The timeline was also a bit difficult to follow, and even though the storyline did have quite a few surprises and unexpected twists, it was overall quite predictable.

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