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Harry Styles’ New Album Pleases

Following his classic rock inspired premier album, Harry Styles’ newly released  “Fine Line” does not dissappoint. Projected by Forbes to move between 420,000 and 440,000 units in its first week, Harry Styles may have the third-biggest release of 2019. 

Overall, 1970s  influence is clear, using an organ, clavinet and electric sitar to define the album with a sense of joy not present in its predecessor. 

harry stylesReleasing singles “Lights Up,” “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You” before the album set an open, upbeat tone. My only complaint would concern a lack of lyrical creativity. Styles’ content stayed relatively straightforward, although instrumentally it did not. “Treat People With Kindness” also did not live up to its hype in my view, too closely resembling a church choir.

Styles crossed genres to appeal to a variety of his millenial listeners. “Sunflower, Vol. 6” and “Golden” fit summer drives along PCH, while “Falling” and “Cherry” present  slower emotional melodies. The collection opens with a Bon Iver-like haze, and finishes with a hopeful drum finish, promising “We’ll Be Alright” to fit the decade’s end. Overall, Styles’ creation is unique to modern mainstream and undoubtedly fun.

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