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‘Frozen 2’ Amazes and Enchants


The long-awaited arrival of Frozen 2 occurred this November, and fans who watched the first movie nearly six years ago were excited as ever. The return of Frozen brought new songs, challenges and lessons for Elsa and Anna that included facing the obstacles of growing up and letting change happen.

Elsa is on a journey searching for the meaning of her powers after her people are forced to leave Arendelle from mysterious and dangerous events. She is called to an enchanted forest where she finds that the past is not as it seems. Through the use of her powers, Elsa enters the enchanted forest and she finds soldiers of Arendelle and the spiritual Northuldra people who have been trapped and fighting in there for many years. It is eventually revealed that Elsa’s grandfather was the one who betrayed the Northuldra people. The lesson is to be better than your ancestors and learn from their mistakes.

The music of Frozen 2, although not as good as the first, was fantastic and full of life lessons.

At the beginning of the movie Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff sang a song recognizing that although time has passed, “some things never change.” The beloved Olaf, who faces a serious existential crisis this time around, attempts to comfort himself through the song “When I Am Older.” Olaf sings about how things are confusing now, but when he is older they will not be, which is of course not true.

Ana and Elsa look at eachotherFrozen 2 broke down some barriers by giving Kristoff, Anna’s boyfriend, an emotional song about his feelings. In his song “Lost in the Woods,” Kristoff expresses that he is upset when Anna chased after Elsa without letting him know, leaving him completely alone. Another song included a lesson saying when you’re not sure what to do, just do the next right thing and the risk of following your heart into unknown territory.

Both Elsa and Anna must overcome many obstacles, but in the end they come up with the solution that Anna will be the queen of Arendelle and Elsa will live alongside the Northuldra people. This ending is strange and out of place because the two sisters now live apart from each other, even when it seemed like before they were inseparable. Overall, the movie delivered in song, life lessons and magic!

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