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Free Healthcare: Not an Optimal Option

With healthcare being completely mandatory in California, the expenses have had a lot of people wondering if we should make a change. Recently, there has been discussion on the national level regarding developing a completely free healthcare system. Free healthcare might sound great, but a closer look reveals some flaws in this dream.

One of the cons to a free healthcare system is long wait times to get an appointment to see a doctor or specialist. According to, “Some elective procedures may require 9-12 months of waiting before they can be scheduled. In Canada, the wait times to see a specialist can even be long for some patients, with some people waiting almost 40 weeks to see someone for a health concern.” 

Canada has a universal healthcare system and wait times could be extremely long here if the United States were to switch to a free universal healthcare system since the population of the U.S. is almost nine times the population of Canada. 

Another con of free healthcare would be raised taxes. According to, “Although universal health care is often touted as ‘free,’ it is typically government-run.” This means that taxes would have to be raised to fund doctors and equipment for medical care. This would force healthy people to pay for others’ medical care through taxes, and that might in turn get the wealthy angry since they will have to pay a lot more taxes for others’ care. 

Another con would be that if we all had free healthcare, it could possibly limit the new technology that doctors use on patients. There would be an increased drive to keep the cost down, meaning that there would be less funding available to buy and research new technology. 

Over an extended amount of time, we could lose even more lives because we wouldn’t be able to treat others without the new technologies. There are both pros and cons to a free healthcare system, but the cons ultimately outweigh the pros.

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