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Feature: Ava Moaddeli

Music is undoubtedly a large part in the lives of many Dana Hills’ students, but this is especially true for senior Ava Moaddeli. As an active member of choir, she not only runs choir council and coordinates much of their activities, but manages to make time for pursuing her own musical interests as well.

When asked about what got her into music, she says that she started seriously getting into music around the age of six. She describes the origin of her interest, stating how “[her] family is very musical and at family gatherings, performing and playing music was always a big thing.” Getting into music was a milestone in her life, as it would lead her to learn several instruments and eventually begin focusing on singing.

For the moment, Moaddeli most significantly enjoys playing piano. She’d taken lessons when she was younger, and resuming them, she says, has “really sparked up my love for piano again.” In addition to piano, she has been taking violin lessons for over ten years and has had several experiences playing the violin professionally, in venues such as the Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles.

As for inspiration, Moaddeli looks to the past as well as the present. She enjoys pop music and looks to the influence of pop idols of the past such as Michael Jackson. Choir has also expanded her music taste, as she now enjoys choral and jazz music. She describes how “Choral music is so inspiring because of how the music portrays the lyrics.”

“Choral music is so inspiring because of how the music portrays the lyrics”

In the future, Moaddeli plans to major in music education with a focus on choral music. Her teachers have had a major impact in her life, and she has a “love for helping others become the best they can be,” in regards to music. Although she is focusing on the vocal department, she definitely plans on continuing to learn and practice instruments, as they are an important part of helping her grow her as a musician.

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