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Falcon and Winter Soldier: Season 1 Success

With high expectations for the upcoming action-packed show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier did not fail to deliver. Released on  Disney+ during the fall of last year, the first season of  Marvel’s new television show depicts life after the wipe out and how  half the population was  restored. Following Sam Wilson, the Falcon, and Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, the two heroes faced dozens of encounters with a new worldwide threat: the Flagsmashers, and were  forced to learn to work together despite their differences. 

For the most part, the premise of the show involves a group of ‘supersoldier’ teenagers that are working together to create a world with no borders, similar to how life was after Thanos when half the population was gone. But after this wipe out was restored and the world was populated once again, this group, who called themselves the Flagsmashers, were dedicated to their cause, ruthless and letting nothing stand in their way. This, along with America’s need for a new Captain America after the apparent death of Steve Rogers, leads to numerous complications that put Bucky and The Falcon into battle, trying to put this deadly group to rest.

As usual, the cinematography of this Marvel universe was excellent, and was a pleasure to watch.


As usual, the cinematography of this Marvel universe was excellent, and was a pleasure to watch. The presentation made it easy to follow, and overall was pure entertainment. But despite being centered around superheroes and supervillains, this show brings up modern issues, such as what it means for Wilson to be a black American, and how he learns to accept and overcome the differences between him and Steve Rogers. 

Overall, this show was extremely enjoyable, with a good amount of humor inserted throughout the episodes as well. Unfortunately, the ending was a bit anticlimactic, but luckily it seemed to just be making way for a smooth transition into future seasons.

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