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Ethan Geske Sports Feature: Football

One of the most treasured sports for many students here at Dana, regardless of their involvement in the team, is football. Going to Friday night games, dressing up for different themes, playing rivals, these are all activities that many Dolphins looked forward to and treasured during first semester. However, like almost every activity here at Dana, the football season has been pushed from first to second semester and the teams have had to adjust their practices in order to comply with COVID-19 protocols. 

Geske expresses that, “…Freshman year [he] joined the football team and ha[s] loved it ever since.”


Junior Ethan Geske has been playing football since he was a kid, starting with flag football and eventually working his way up to high school varsity as a running back and linebacker. Geske expresses that, “…Freshman year [he] joined the football team and ha[s] loved it ever since.”  However, instead of transfering from flag football to Pop Warner, or tackle football, he joined a rugby team instead. Nevertheless, Geske’s abilities have proven him a valuable player to the varsity football team here at Dana. 

The football season ordinarily begins during the fall , where the boys practice every weekday followed by a game on the Friday night. The season lasts 10 weeks, with 10 games being played in the pre and regular seasons. Games may be the most challenging and exhilarating task of the week, but the practice schedule keeps the players in shape and ready to tackle competitive teams. As football is during 6th period, the boys meet after lunch on 2-4-6 days and head to the weight room for a lift session until the end of the school day. Once they finish in the weight room, the players move to a film session, where they watch clips of plays in order to see where they performed well and where they can improve. Finally, the boys head down to the field and practice. On 1-3-5 days, the team follows a similar schedule, but spends less time in the weight room to compensate for the lack of a full period. 

Due to the Coronavirus, the team has seen entirely new schedules, practices, and team dynamics. First, the season has been postponed farther than any team member or coach had ever imagined. Practices have been somewhat minimal, including limitations on how many players can be in the weight room and restrictions concerning helmet and pad wearing. Because this safety equipment cannot be used, the team has had to alter their practices to focus on strictly conditioning. The boys are also required to wear masks and gloves when on the field and in the weight room. 

Despite the lingering changes due to the Coronavirus, Geske emphasizes that, “[He is] looking forward to everything going back to normal and getting to play with his teammates [next year].” Ethan is not alone in his feelings, as many students here at Dana hope that the 2021-2022 school year will resemble a more “normal”  year, and experiences such as football games will return. 

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