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Escalante Sings for All to Hear

Along Here at Dana Hills, we have many gifted students ranging from star athletes to musical prodigies, but if you ever hear singing coming from the choir room, keep a look out for sophomore Sage Escalante.

Escalante began singing ever since she could talk and started piano at five years old, eventually going into ukulele and guitar. What really drove her passion for music was one of the hardest times in her life: being diagnosed with cancer at age 12.

She says that fighting cancer and being in the hospital for such extensive periods of time was what got her to where she is now with music.

Even after going through so much, Escalante looks back on this time with only wisdom stating, “Without music I would not have been able to fight through cancer and I would not be the musician I am today.” With the partnership of Make-A-Wish Foundation, Escalante was able to perform at numerous Make-A-Wish events including balls, charities, conferences and even opening for Lenny Kravitz.

Escalante is involved in several foundations outside of Dana, one of which being the Gold Rush Cure Foundation, an organization that helps kids fighting cancer by giving baskets of personalized goods. Escalante herself was impacted by this organization making her connections all the more meaningful. Escalante was gifted an electric ukulele from the foundation, enabling her to play at different venues, which tremendously helped sprout her music career, appeal to a wider audience, and get her exposure. Overall, the foundation has tremendously impacted Escalante’s ability to get her foot in the door regarding the music industry.

Not only does Escalante participate in music, song writing, and contribute her time to cancer charities and foundations, but she is also involved in several extracurriculars in and outside of Dana. These include swim team, tennis, both SOCSA choir classes, Los Rios Rock School and vocal and guitar lessons. It is safe to say that Escalante has not let any hardship in her life hold her back from pursuing her dreams. With all the accomplishments she has attained thus far, there is no limit to what you might see from Escalante in the future.

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