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Electability of Democratic Candidates

As the year progresses and more and more Americans wonder whether or not we will see a new president in office next January, all that Democratic citizens can wonder is, “Are there any Democratic candidates who really have a shot this November?” The only way that these politicians, businessmen and billionaires alike have even the slightest chance at beating a man who practically has the “default” vote of nearly every American in various regions throughout the country is to work to succeed in the numerous resources that past candidates have failed to truly tap into. The biggest of these resources being the ability to create a majority appeal.

For example, if one is to take a look at past Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, it can be argued that she lacked in a number of necessary traits that make an appealing candidate. For instance, many Americans felt as if Clinton and her plans for presidency had very little appeal to most Americans. When entire rallies focus just on the topic of something like taking away citizens rights to firearms, it is understandable that your average American may have been swayed away by such a violently progressive agenda. She also seemed to lack a great depth of charisma whenever she took the stage at rallies and debates compared to her rival, Donald Trump. While a great deal of Americans do not agree with Trump’s policies, it’s quite clear that he appeals to a large portion of citizens in our country. This radical appeal to groups of Americans is so intense that it is able to not only influence the more conservative Americans, but even those who are not certain on where they stand politically as his seems to be a platform constructed for just an everyday American trying to live a normal American lifestyle. If the Democrats hope to succeed in surpassing Trump and the Republican party this election, they must become a more understandable group of leaders that are focused on being viable representatives of the average American.

Another way Democratic candidates need to work to appeal to the majority of Americans is to establish policies that benefit the majority of US citizens rather than focusing on policies that will only benefit the smaller groups within the United States. This majority group of Americans would be the middle class, which nearly makes up 50% of Americans based on their financial backgrounds. It can be argued that through their recently devised policies, the Democrats have continually enabled groups such as the unemployed to sit back in leisure and collect federal support, whether it be through financial support, housing or other matters, with little to no restraint planned whatsoever. This route that Democrats have been taking with their planned policies may leave many Americans that actually work hard and are responsible with their investments and other life decisions feeling as if the party is punishing them for doing so by making it so easy for others to simply contribute nothing to the workforce and American society as a whole and not face serious repercussions. Rather than advertise that their policies will benefit the average American, Democrats should strive to actually introduce policies that focus on benefiting the majority while always factoring in the minority.

If Democrats wish to remove Trump from the desk of the Oval Office, then their candidates must focus on appealing to the general majority of Americans and how the general majority of Americans think. Only then could Democrats actually have a chance to have President Trump and the Republican party on their toes this November.

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