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Dolphins Commit and Sign

National signing day took place across the country on Wednesday, Feb. 5, and represented the culmination of accomplishment for thousands of high school seniors intending to continue their athletic careers on a collegiate level in the fall.

Each athlete signed the National Letter of Intent—protecting both the athlete and his or her chosen college “from either party backing out,” according to Next College Student Athlete—and shook hands with Dana Hills’ principal Dr. Baker. Repping college gear and props, committed student-athletes and their families and friends celebrated the momentous occasion.

24 Dolphins were celebrated on National Signing Day, formally committing to universities to further their academic and athletic careers:

Soccer: Caitlyn Ferguson, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Emma Reynolds, St. Lawrence University; Taylor Poland, Saint Mary’s College; Victoria Barnett, University of Washington. Cross country/track & field: Anisa Rind (track), Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; Mia Lawrence (track), Sacramento State; Carrick Denker, UC Berkeley. Swim: Sydney Querner, College of William & Mary; Ryan Abdollahi, University of Southern California. Softball: Margo Hopper, St. Lawrence University. Volleyball: Maura Hayes, Cal State University, Long Beach; Caden Jackson, Cal State University, Long Beach; Kevin Lynch, Cal Lutheran University; Avery Allemann, University of Puget Sound; Nick Rigo, UC San Diego; Hunter Riedl, Sacred Heart University; Waterpolo: Luke Malecka, Cal State, Long Beach. Baseball: Thomas Buckanavage, University of Rhode Island; Luke Sterner, Brigham Young University; Ethan Ezor, Colorado Mesa University; Chase Walter, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; Dante Jackson, San Diego State; Tennis: Malia Rivera, Colorado College.

Senior and future Ragin’ Cajun at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Caitlyn Ferguson reflects that “signing day was very surreal to [her] as [she] has been playing soccer [her] whole life with the hope of earning a college scholarship. She was “overwhelmed by the amounts of love and support [she] felt from [her] family, coaches, teammates, and friends” and “it is a day [she] will never forget as [she] is so humbled by the opportunity [she] received to continue [her] academic and soccer career at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. [She] couldn’t have done it without all the people who helped along [her] journey.”

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