Dolphin of the Year: Nate Pellini

Senior Nate Pellini won the Dolphin of the Year Award at the Senior Awards on Thursday, May 23.

Throughout his years at Dana, Pellini has participated in a multitude of extracurriculars. He earned the title of Associated Student Union (ASU) Vice President, after four years of working on ASU. ASU Director Ken Nedler said of Pellini, “He’s a great student and does everything he can for his class. He always thinks of others before himself.”

Besides his work in the school government, he revealed his leadership skills through his involvement in the Interact Club for the past four years. As vice president, he “has planned many student-run service projects that benefit everyone in the Laguna Niguel and Dana Point communities, put on luncheons for senior citizens, fed the homeless, set up gift collections for students at the Boys and Girls club, etc.”

Pellini did not solely excel academically. Track was an active part of his life, spending hours upon hours after school at pole vault. His dedication to the sport lead to the title of Captain. Additionally, he was a varsity diver, spending multiple hours practicing this sport as well.

Despite a busy schedule, he maintains an optimistic attitude, crediting his high school success to “to the everyday support of my friends and teachers.” He says, “I never would have joined any organization at this school if it had not been for the motivation and help of the peers that I see everyday.”  His proudest accomplishment was “when ASU won the Stillwagon award this past year at the OCL leadership camp. It took a village to achieve such an honor.”

Pellini excels in almost every aspect, but not without hard work and commitment. His contributions to the school prove his worthiness of this award, and many faculty members would agree.

Upon receiving the award, he was shocked to hear his name. “I want to thank everyone that helped me reach this award, especially the other finalists. I could never have done it by myself, and I am forever grateful for that.”

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