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Dance Production Preforms HAVOC

South Orange County School of the Arts (SOCSA) recently presented its annual dance showcase HAVOC. The show took place in the Dana Hills porthole theater beginning on Thursday, Feb. 27th until Saturday Feb. 29th at 7 p.m. The event featured both the Dana Hills dance production and dance ensemble teams.

Director Lindsey Lee took control of dance production for the second year in a row with the help of managers senior Peri Halajian and senior Abigail Keating. Junior Starla Thomas, junior Skylar Thomas and senior Isabella Williams were the choreographers of each act.

Each night of the show had its own unique performance that would only be played on that night. On Thursday, members of the Best Buddies club performed a dance to the song “Hawaiian Vacation.”

Then came Friday, which featured multiple boys that were chosen by the dance production team to join them in performing the song “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.”
Lastly, Saturday night’s event featured the SOCSA dance parents, who volunteered to dance in an act tailored to the song “I Like It Like That.”

The final show began with a dance to “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani, which included the entire dance production. From here, dancers transitioned into new dances as different songs came on. After this group number, solos began, which featured a new individual with every performance.

Senior Choreographer Isabella Williams expressed, “I am sad that this is my last show, but it was definitely one to remember. With there being only seven seniors left, we got much closer with one another. I am glad that I got to put my input in things and it was nice seeing everyone grow up and improve their skills in multiple ways.”

Bitter sweetness was a common theme among the senior dancers, with Emma Baker claiming to have “cried through most of the show.”

Halfway through the show, intermission occurred to allow the audience to get out of their seats, refresh themselves, or approach the dancers to talk and congratulate them on their talent.

Once the audience seated themselves again, “7 Nation Army” began to play as dance production picked up their performance where they left off.

Performers concluded the show with a dance to “Circus.” When senior Abigail Keating was asked how she felt about her last year, she commented, “I am very grateful for the team and my experiences throughout the years. Everyone is truly a family to me and I am glad that I had them by my side throughout the years.”

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