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Dana’s Song Starting Off Strong

With the hopeful beginning  of football season in January, other sports such as cheer and song are getting ready to start the season off strong. For Sophomore Song Captain, Davia Serrano, this year is all about new beginnings. 

Due to Covid-19, all sports have been delayed. However, that has not stopped the song team from maintaining hardwork and dedication in order to prepare for a season in some of the most chaotic and unprecedented times.

While some sports are taking these times as an opportunity for a break, Serrano is making it a priority to not only practice everyday, but to also make everyone feel unified and included in the team by “having the returning members help the freshman memorize everything and really get a gist for what season will be like since they don’t necessarily have the full experience.”

Serrano is most looking forward to everything the season has to hold whether it be Friday Night Lights, rallies, and overall just cheering as a whole team again. For Serrano, the team aspect is what drew her in, in the first place.

Serrano started her freshman year, and quickly worked her way up to song captain. She was inspired by “seeing all of the senior captains and being able to look up to them and their leadership as well as their ability to have a strong team.”  

While being captain can come with its fair share of challenges when it comes to making sure everyone’s voice is being heard, Serrano makes it a point to have “Everyone come together at the end of the day and make it work as a whole.”

Throughout all the unknowns the future of Dana sports may have, it is clear that in times of uncertainty, teams as well as Dana as a whole, can stand together to face whatever comes our way. With that mentality in mind, as well as the help of strong team leaders such as Serrano as we get ready for the new season, there is no limit to how far we can go.

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