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CUSD High School Closure Update

Due to the decline in  COVID-19 cases, Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) was  permitted to reopen its schools. Dana Hills High School is scheduled to reopen Oct. 13. The plan is to have two separate groups, also called  “Pods,”  attending classes on staggered days. You can find what Pod you are in through your Aeries portal.  Go to “Student Info” and then  click on “Demographics”. You will find a color, either blue or silver. This color correlates to the “Pod” you are in. 

All students, however, will be required to attend school virtually on Monday. Whether online or in-person, the blue group will be attending class Tuesday and Thursday, while the silver group will be attending Wednesday and Friday.  

The days that students are attending class are called “synchronized learning” days, while the days that students are not attending class in person are called “asynchronized learning” days. On “synchronized learning” days, students  on the hybrid model will be in-person, and those who are completely online will attend the instruction via virtual meeting. On “asynchronized learning” days, neither hybrid nor online students will be attending class and will be working on assignments posted Canvas. 

Along with this plan there is a new weekly schedule. This schedule reads as followed;  Monday: all students will be online, Tuesday: Blue group will be in class for periods 0,1,3,5, Wednesday: Silver group will be in class for periods 0,1,3,5, Thursday: Blue group will be in class for periods 0,2,4,6, Friday: Silver group will be in class for periods 0,2,4,6.

Another aspect to  be aware of , is that there will be many precautions and protocols that students must comply with. Things such as wearing a mask, being mindful of social distancing and getting their temperature check before class will be in play. Remember to keep an eye out for any emails the school or district may send  with more information regarding the reopening.

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