Covid-19 and the Complacency of the United States

When the first case of Covid-19 struck the U.S. in early March, many Americans looked to the government for guidance to maneuver through new safety protocols for a highly infectious virus. Schools shut down all over the country quite suddenly. At Dana, we saw things change in a matter of hours, to the point where we were all clearing our books out of our lockers in preparation for a school shutdown on March 13th. 

Quickly, as Americans all over the nation entered into quarantine, it quickly became evident that the pandemic would be viewed as a politicalized matter, with a disregard for the advice of scientific experts. President Trump, from the beginning, underplayed the severity of the virus, leaving it up to individual governors to make important decisions for their states. 

In California, anti-mask protests occurred throughout Orange County, where many individuals claimed that mask mandates take away individual freedoms.


In California, anti-mask protests occurred throughout Orange County, where many individuals claimed that mask mandates take away individual freedoms. Wearing a mask, social distancing, and even Covid-19’s legitimacy became controversial as many Americans refused to follow such CDC guidelines. 

Because Covid-19 became a debatable subject within the U.S., many citizens had differing ideas on how the pandemic should be approached. The face of our government, President Trump, continued to encourage the nation to reopen, made statements about masks being ineffective, and denied statements from scientists and health experts several times. Because of the lack of unity between political leaders, scientists and Americans, the U.S. has simply adopted a mindset that Covid-19 is an inescapable reality, where we must adjust as a nation. 

In other countries, such as New Zealand and Canada, the effectiveness of strict social distancing and quarantining has helped them defeat Covid-19 much more easily than the U.S. has been able to. The United States has now lost 226, 000 Americans to this deadly virus. The rates of infection are only continuing to grow as the nation enters another wave of Covid-19 cases, making it evident that Covid-19 is still part of our everyday reality, even if the U.S. has chosen to follow suit with an “adaptable” mindset. As of Oct. 23, the United States saw their highest number of cases nationwide since the pandemic began, with 80,000 Americans testing positive for Covid-19 in one day. With this, the nation continues to be widely open, where schools, restaurants, and other services are open, although many are complying with CDC guidelines.

As the U.S. leads the world with the highest amount of Covid-19 deaths, it becomes evident that the approach of this nation was not aggressive enough to defeat the pandemic. Instead, as a nation, we’ve simply adapted to the idea of the pandemic and its existence, as many Americans continue to live a normal life regardless of the increasing Covid-19 cases.

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